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Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD

Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD

Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re in Bangladesh and looking for information about Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need it for medical purposes or other applications, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss everything about oxygen cylinder prices in BD, Dhaka, medical cylinders, and even Linde oxygen cylinders. Let’s dive in.

Understanding the Importance of Oxygen Cylinders

Before we get into the specifics of oxygen cylinder prices, it’s crucial to understand their significance. Oxygen cylinders are essential in various sectors, including medical, industrial, and even household use. They store and provide oxygen for patients with respiratory issues, assist in industrial processes, and can be used for emergency purposes.

Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD 2023 – 2024

Let’s start by exploring the general landscape of Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD.

In Bangladesh, the price of an oxygen cylinder can vary depending on several factors, such as size, capacity, and brand. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from BDT 8,000 to BDT 18,000 for a standard oxygen cylinder. The cost may be higher for larger cylinders and those with special features.

Oxygen Cylinder Price in Dhaka

Dhaka, being the capital and largest city of Bangladesh, is a major hub for various goods and services. This includes oxygen cylinders, which are readily available in Dhaka. The price range in Dhaka is quite similar to the national average, with standard oxygen cylinders typically costing between BDT 8,000 and BDT 18,000.

Medical Cylinder Price in BD

Medical cylinders are specifically designed to meet the oxygen needs of patients. They come in various sizes and are commonly used in healthcare facilities and for home healthcare. The price of medical cylinders in Bangladesh ranges from BDT 9,000 to BDT 10,000, depending on their size and specifications.

Linde Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD

Linde is a well-known global brand when it comes to industrial and medical gases, including oxygen. Linde oxygen cylinders are popular for their quality and reliability. In BD, the price of Linde oxygen cylinders can be higher compared to other brands, with prices starting at BDT 18,000 and going up to BDT 26,000 or more, depending on the size and features.

Factors Affecting Oxygen Cylinder Prices

Several factors can influence the prices of oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh:

  1. Cylinder Size: Larger cylinders typically come at a higher cost due to their increased capacity.
  2. Brand: Established brands like Linde may have higher prices compared to lesser-known brands.
  3. Accessories: Cylinders that come with additional accessories or features may be priced higher.
  4. Location: Prices can vary between cities and regions in Bangladesh.

Finding the Best Deals

Now that you have an idea of oxygen cylinder prices in BD, here are some tips to find the best deals:

  1. Compare Prices: Visit multiple suppliers and compare prices to ensure you get the best deal.
  2. Check for Discounts: Some suppliers may offer discounts, especially if you’re buying in bulk.
  3. Consider Rental Options: If you only need an oxygen cylinder temporarily, renting can be a cost-effective choice.
  4. Ask About Warranty: Inquire about warranties and after-sales support, especially for medical cylinders.

China Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD

Chinese Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD are another option available in the Bangladeshi market. These cylinders are often more affordable, making them a popular choice for those on a budget. Prices for China oxygen cylinders in BD typically start at BDT 8,500 and can go up to BDT 10,000 depending on the size and brand.


In conclusion, understanding the price of oxygen cylinders in BD is essential, whether you’re a healthcare professional, an industrial worker, or a concerned family member. Prices can vary, so it’s crucial to research and compare to find the best deal for your specific needs.

Remember that when purchasing an oxygen cylinder, safety and quality should always be a priority. Ensure that you are buying from a reputable supplier and that the cylinder meets the necessary standards and regulations.

In times of need, having access to a reliable oxygen cylinder can make a significant difference, so make an informed decision when purchasing one in Bangladesh.